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It's not easy to take a chance on something new, especially if it changes how things have been done forever. Marketing & Biz Dev has needed innovation for a long time.

Contact form on the website, check. Email Marketing, check. Cold calling, check. Scan a badge at a conference or buy a list and put them into email and cold calling buckets, check.

None of this takes into account a digital team's buying needs and streamlines the sales process for when they're ready to start the buying process. It's also hard for digital teams to know all their technology and service partner options, outside of the big names.

We're changing all that.

Don't be scared because it's different than how things are done today. Try it out, go ahead and be an early adopter. It's free for 60 days. Be a little nuts and do something new. You'll be bragging that you were one of the first.

Mad love to the cool kids Data in the Raw, Flow, LiveArea, Moltin, ELVA for daring to be first.

We're launching at ShopTalk, March 3rd-6th in Vegas! Launch promo reserved for the bold only.