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Complete Your Company Profile

You control your profile. Fill in our quick and easy Vendor profile form for the solutions or services you want to highlight, submit the data, and your information is published immediately! Need help completing your form? We can help with that too. Get help now.

Set Up Your Meeting Calendar & Get in Front of Qualified Buyers While You’re Top of Mind

Offer buyers the chance to schedule a meeting instantly, right when they are most focused on your offering! Once a buyer indicates their timeline to buy, they will see open dates and times you have designated. Based on the buyers timeline, a 1 hr demo or a 30 min intro meeting will be scheduled.

Our meeting calendar is tied directly to an inbox/calendar you designate. Once the buyer selects a slot, you control the meeting as a normal calendar appointment and can modify as needed from Google, Outlook, or whatever calendar you use. Since you’ll have the buyer’s contact info, you can also follow up with more information, sales materials, website links, or anything else they might need.

Add Compelling Content

Add your own videos to your vendor profile. Add product demos, client testimonials, marketing materials to show buyers why you’re their best option.

Coming soon: Industry Insights! We will regularly publish original industry relevant videos and commerce-related news targeted to Retailers/Brands. Beyond your vendor profile and product/solution, let us help you get the word out and highlight your brand with video interviews, thought leadership pieces, and targeted “hot topic” microsites! Get in touch now

Why Would Retailers/Brands Come Here?

Retailers and brands aren’t in the market for new ecommerce technology and services every day, so it’s hard to know where to start when they find themselves in need of something new. We aim to be that single destination.

What one place offers them accurate and always up-to-date industry information, targeted for the retailer/brand audience and curated by ecommerce implementation experts? Concierge Commerce will be that place.

Get better qualified leads at a lower cost than most other marketing options!


*Offer may expire at any time.